Durability & Driving Performance

Robust driving performance with enhanced durability and ride comfort

  • Stylish cab sun visor with LED type EOL lamp

  • Front Lid & side contamination
    reduction type corner vane

  • Cab with high stiffness

    A cab with the best strength and stiffness is realized
    through vehicle body structure design based on computer
    analysis of numerous structures and safety validation,
    and corrosion resistance and durability are enhanced with
    the application of galvanized steel sheets

  • Reduced interior noise

    Improved cab interior noise by cutting the inflow of external noise

  • Cab suspension (Full floating air suspension)

    Optimal tunning on 4-point full floating air suspension
    to reduce impact substantially by preventing excessive
    cabin movement for enhanced riding comfort and stability while driving

  • Right Hand Drive

  • Two beds Optional