Carry anything anywhere
More powerful performance,
business friendly service,
Daewoo truck have great
performance to carry
anything anywhere

  • Daewoo truck is equipped with well-proven engines and transmissions.
    To deliver ultimate satisfaction to customers in the ever-changing commercial vehicle market, Daewoo truck always offers the best-ever performance with technologically advanced engines, excellent power, powertrain with convenience, and the latest safety features.

  • Product flexibility to overcome environmental challenges
    Euro1 ~ Euro6 engine applications,
    Right hand drive availability, easy access for various business type

  • Service friendly mechanical engines

  • Various OEM power-train combination available
    to provide market-tailored products



Systems for driving safety

Hill Start Assistance

  • This feature can prevent rollback on an incline by controlling braking pressure when restarting the vehicle
    (※ applied only to heavy-duty cargo)


  • This feature is to prevent the vehicle to skid across the road after sudden brake or during the drive on a slippery road surface causing the wheels lose traction due to locking braking system. As a result, the driver can secure vehicle stability


  • The function of ASR is to control vehicle output if the drive wheels are slipped, or the traction becomes lose Assisting to maintain grip force and stable acceleration

ESC : Electronic Stability Control

  • WABCO’s brake system, the best brake maker in Germany is adopted
  • Improved driving stability by detecting any signs of slippage and overturn of a vehicle while driving

7-inch LCD meter cluster

Design & Convenience

Harmony between robust style and efficient functions

Electronic tachograph

Optional feature

Full-floating Cab air suspension

Galvanized steel sheet applied to
the entire cab

Improving anti-corrosion and durability

Adding frame for powder painting